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I Dont Need You

by Tonris

3 thoughts on “ I Dont Need You ”

  1. I know I said I don't need you, yeah I know it's all see through But what else do you tell yourself when that many people leave you? I threw myself into working, trying to prove that I'm worth it I've been holding this middle finger up so long, my arm hurtin'.
  2. Ben Bruce told Kerrang about "I Don't Need You", "It's an honest look into relationships. The fact is that % of relationships don't work until you find that one." He added, "It's almost a ballad, but while most ballads are lovey-dovey, this one is more triumphant, and .
  3. May 17,  · [Intro] Ebm Gb Db Ab [Verse 1] Ebm You can't say I didn't try Gb Db Ab If I'm honest, I probably gave a little too much Ebm Been on the ledge for a while Gb Db Ab 'Cause I promised, that I would be, yeah Ebm Gb You can say I wasn't good enough but you know Db Ab That that doesn't change what really happened here Ebm That I have grown Gb Db Ab.

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